Makes the World Closer is a SIMPLE and CONVENIENT system of communication between people speaking different languages. is QUALITY. No computer translations. All the correspondence is translated by highly skilled translators. is SPEED. Our team works 24/7. Your message is translated within a few hours. is ANONYMITY. Each translator works with texts only and does not know who is the sender and the recipient of the messages. What is more, any information provided by our users is strictly confidential and cannot be provided to any third person as well as be an object of exchange or selling. is CONFIDENCE. Confidence in the person you are communicating with to be really the one he/she pretends to be. is NO SPAM. The system is designed in such a way that spammers just have nothing to do here. Nothing disturbs the peace of our users. is FREEDOM:

- freedom to communicate with all the world in spite of borders and language barriers;

- freedom of your business. If you are a businessman and want to make your business international you will surely appreciate the possibilities that gives you to contact your users regardless of where they are and what language they speak. is just comfortable to use.